Our gift to the global WordPress community

The vast majority of content and offerings on this site are free.

We’ve produced over 50 free WordPress training videos to help folks get the most out of running their WordPress based sites.

We’ve spent hundreds of hours building this site and creating the tutorials because we believe in the power of the open source community and the culture of sharing knowledge so that everyone can improve.

After all, we’ve been helped by the massive time spent by the core WordPress team and thousands of independent plugin developers around the world, so this is our way of giving back to the community at large.

Who we are

ADS-icon-600x600sitesparker is an offering from Atomic Design Studios, a web agency serving clients all over the world… the US, Europe, China and Australia.

Should you need additional help beyond what our tutorial videos offer, we do theme customization, content consulting and also build affordable WordPress sites from scratch.