Adding single MP3 tracks to your site is super easy with the latest version of WordPress. It used to be that Flash was required for streaming MP3s in a website, which got really sucky for a while when iPads came out and, well, you know how that story goes.

However, thanks to the wonders of HTML5, this has all gotten a lot easier. But… (wait for it)… the standard method of adding a player has… a few issues. By default you’re going to get a player that fills your entire page. Wow, that looks… special.


Mmm, but here’s a nicer, shorter version:


This WordPress plugin tutorial will explain how to instantly create an audio player from an MP3 file and explore a few plugins that solve some of the inherent problems with the default method.

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Coding Tips

Find the customization codes for the MediaElement player on their plugin page.

Plugins: MediaElement and mb.miniAudioPlayer