NOTE: The methods for embedding YouTube video has changed dramatically. You can now simply copy and paste the URL of a YouTube or Vimeo video directly into your text editor without a plugin.

If you want additional controls however, you may still find the following tutorial of benefit.


This WordPress plugin tutorial covers using Viper’s Video Quicktags (download) to add YouTube and other common video files to your WordPress site.

For newer versions of WordPress (version 3.8 and above) you may be able to simply paste the YouTube or Vimeo URL into a page or post without the use of any plugins. So try that first and see if it works!

The process is very simple; we’ve also included more advanced features below in case you need something more extensive.

After installing and activating, go to Settings > Video Quicktags.

In the “Show Editor Button?” column, un-check the video services you don’t want to use. We definitely recommend this because each of these services will show up as an icon in your text editor. Next you can change the aspect ratio. The standard ratio works, or you can change the settings to 640 x 360 if you want to show¬†YouTube HD videos.

Under Additional Settings you can choose the default alignment for how the video appears. You can also choose where the video buttons will go in your text editor. Default is the first line, but if you have Super Edit tables installed (default configuration for Sparker clients) you might want to assign the buttons to the second row.

If you click on YouTube (or any of the other video services) you can change individual settings for the players. This is great for YouTube players because you can change the color of the skin to match your site along with other great settings.

Last up is placing a video on a site. Simply click your cursor where you want the video to appear, then paste a link to the video in the popup box and that’s it! A little bit of code will appear in your page that will automatically turn into a video for your visitors!

Advanced Video Options

If you need to add more video types than what Viper’s offers, then check out the WordPress Video Plugin. If you expect to add a lot of video and images to your site, we recommend checking out the Insights plugin which will allow you to search for images, video and other content right from the text editor!

And don’t forget we have a separate tutorial for video galleries. Very useful if you have your own media files (mp4 and FLV) and want to organize a lot of videos on one page.