This is the really sweet and juicy plugin to help optimize your site for Google. In fact, it will make it Googlicious, guaranteed.

Assuming, you have already downloaded and installed, let’s get right to it. (Site Sparker client’s already have this plugin automatically.)

Go to Settings > All in One SEO. Scroll down and make sure your plugin is enabled.

  1. For the Home Title you want to write a descriptive sentence like a newspaper headline, including your business name and one or two keyword phrases. A good example is: Site Sparker Affordable Websites and WordPress Training
    NOTE: Make sure not to go over 60 characters.
  2. For the Description you can rewrite the Home Title in the form of one or two sentences, making sure to include additional keywords. Don’t go over 160 characters (which includes spaces and punctuation). This text will appear beneath the link to your site in Google’s search results, so make sure it’s an attractive enticement to visit your site.
  3. Skip the Keywords — Google ignores them.
  4. For Post, Page and Category – delete out | %blog_title%.
  5. Uncheck Dynamically generate and Use noindex for Categories

That’s it for the Settings. Now we move on to the really important part — adding Titles and Descriptions for every page.

Optimizing Every Page of Your Site

This cannot be over-emphasized. Google tracks PAGES, not sites. So having a custom title and description for every page of your website is critical if you want to get found in search engines.

Inside every post and page, scroll down to the bottom. You’ll see an All in One SEO area for you to configure.

For title, it’s the same advice as above — write a newspaper style headline the describes the page with as many keywords as possible.

For description, repeat the same keywords but in sentence form. This is your sales pitch — this is what people see in Google search results so it should make them want to click the link to visit your site.

Click the blue Update button at the top to save your changes as you normally would.

Remember — write custom titles and descriptions for EVERY PAGE of your site. It’s tedious, but it ensures your pages will have the best chance possible for getting searched!


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