If you would like to make a page that has a nice site map like ours, then this tutorial will walk you through it. Watch the video or scroll down for the written version.


  1. Go to Plugins > Add New. Search for “Simple Sitemap” and install.
  2. Create a new page and add the following short code: [simple-sitemap]
  3. Add the page to your menu or footer. (To place in the footer you can either add a custom menu, or just put a link in a text widget.)
  4. Done!

Blocking Pages From the Site Map

If you want to exclude particular pages from your site map, it’s relatively easy, but you’ll need an extra plugin called Reveal IDs.

The Reveal IDs plugin creates an extra column in your Pages and Posts lists that shows the ID number for each page.

Next, go to the Simple Sitemap settings and add those Page ID numbers (separated by commas) into the “Exclude Pages” field and those pages will automatically be removed from the Site Map!