There isn’t really anything to customize with this plugin; we’ve simply included a description of it so that curious clients will know what it’s here for.

Google Analytics (download and install the WordPress plugin if you’re not a Site Sparker client) provides extensive data about visitors to your site. Where they come from (both physical location and if they found your site directly or through search engines), what pages people visit and what the bounce rate is.

Read more at the official Google Analytics website.

All Site Sparker clients can access their login details sent with their Site Launch letter. Google has great documents to explain all of the functions, so we’ll leave that to them to explain.

Plugin Setup Instructions

Assuming you’ve already set up your Analytics account and added your website profile, then all you need to do is copy the tracking ID. It should look something like this:


Of course, it will have numbers, not asterisks. Copy that ID and in WordPress, go to Settings > Google Analytics.

Check “Manually enter your UA code” and then paste the ID in the field that appears.

Click the blue Update Google Analytics Settings button and you’re done! Of course, if you decide to really geek out over the additional features in your GA account, you can come back to the plugin and make other modifications.

GA is especially helpful if you want to track people through a “sales funnel” where they go through a series of steps leading to a successful conclusion such as ordering a product or signing up for a newsletter. In the future we’ll have more details about these processes, but for now, you’re done!