Installing and configuring themes is one of our favorite things to do with WP as the possibilities are nearly endless. This WordPress training session will cover the basics as the intricacies of editing stylesheets and template graphics is outside the scope of most folks. But that doesn’t mean you can’t the most out of your WP site — just try a few templates out and you’ll see what we mean!

Two Options for Installing Free WordPress Themes

The first option is to go to Appearance > Themes and then click the Install Themes tab.

You’ll then see a host of options for picking the kind of theme that best suits you. You’ll even be able to instantly preview a screenshot of the template; installation is just a click away. After installation, activate and see how it looks with your content!

Potential downside: sometimes finding a template this way is a problem because not all templates are up to date and work with WP V3. The most common errors people see are problems with the menus or lack of widget support. Fear not. All you have to do is try another template!

The second option is to browse through templates directly in the WordPress theme directory. The advantage to this approach is that you can find featured and updated themes — those most likely to work with WP version 3 right away.

All of the above is explained in a video below, if you need to see it visually.

Purchasing and Installing Paid WordPress Themes

First off, we should answer the question “why pay for a WordPress theme?”

The answer is fairly simple – you’re probably going to get something much more advanced and won’t have to spend as much time customizing it.

If you’re fairly certain about what you want and are only building a single website, then we recommend heading over to Theme Forest for a pro theme. They have a lot to choose from and you can search through a variety of categories to find what you need.

When buying a theme from their site, you’ll simply download a zip file, then upload it through the Appearances > Themes section in WordPress.

Customizing Your WordPress Theme

Editing stylesheets and changing the base graphics with your chosen theme can be very complicated, so if you need further assistance, we can customize your theme in as little as an hour. Click here to take a short survey and get a cost estimate.

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Installing Themes

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