This free guide will cover some of the basics of doing Keyword Research.

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Keyword Research is essential if you want to get found in Google. It’s the difference between being in the prime location in a mall, like by the entrance that everyone passes by, versus a spot behind the Food Court where no one goes because the smell is a little… off.

You can do some fairly decent Keyword Research using the free tools you get signing up for a Google Adwords account, but there are some inherent limitations, like not being able to analyze competition data.

If you’re on a budget, just starting out or aren’t yet convinced that you need to build more traffic to your site, then one option for doing competition research is to use the SEO4Firefox plugin (which obviously requires Firefox to run). It comes along with some additional handy information, but you may need to really sink your teeth in to get the most out of it.

Keyword Research 101

When doing Keyword Research it’s important to find keywords that you can compete with. Since there are probably a lot of other sites that have been online longer than yours, you will need to target “long tail keywords” that have fewer people searching for them, but are easier to get in Google’s Top 10. Examples:

Too much competition: photographer

Long Tail Keyword: best wedding photographer

Doing keyword research helps you zone in on long tail keywords that get a decent amount of traffic but have less competition. What are the factors determining competition for a particular keyword? A few are:

Domain Age (how long a site has been indexed by Google), Back Links (# of links back to a site), Page Rank (Google’s ranking system) and On Page SEO (if your competitors wrote their target keyword into their site).

When doing Keyword Research you might discover that a long tail keyword like “best wedding photographer” has lower competition in those four areas mentioned above. That leads to the next step which is to optimize a single page for that keyword. (Details covered in our explanation of On Page SEO.)

Once you’ve optimized your site, the next critical phase in your campaign to get to #1 in Google is to get as many Back Links to your site as possible!

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