So, your content is done, you’re ready to start promoting… what now?

One of the most significant things you can do is submit your site to the DMOZ directory. It’s so significant we’ve included a specific tutorial video about it, if you scroll down the page.

Hopefully you’ve gone through the process of getting some backlinks to your site, including posting backlink articles on various sites.

Additionally you should make sure to get a Google sitemap configured for your site. We have a WordPress tutorial for that, but the concept is similar if you have a non-WP site.

Another thing you can do is make sure your webmaster places a link to your site on theirs — most web design companies that have been around for years have fairly good page rank, so getting a link from their site can really help. You’d think they wouldn’t forget, but you’d be surprised — it often gets pushed to a back burner. Of course, you should ask them to give you a keyword link instead of linking on your domain name.

There’s no particular order to any of these tasks, so why not start with the easiest one:

Adding Your Site to


Download video