The Links Sidebar is useful for creating a beautifully organized group of External Links on the left or right sidebar of your site.

Having External Links is good for Google because they’ll rank your site higher if you link out to others. If you have business partners, services you want to promote, additional websites, etc, you can use the Links Sidebar.

If you plan to have a lot of links, make sure to organize them in Categories. Under Links in the left hand menu, go to Link Categories to create. Then click Add New to make new links. We won’t share a lot of details here as it’s pretty straightforward.

Instead we want to emphasize the difference between linking on a domain name versus a keyword. In the Add New Link section, look at the Name field. Whatever you write there is what people will see. But there’s a HUGE difference between whether your links are friendly for Google or not. For example:

Wedding Photography

In Google’s eyes these links are TOTALLY different. The first one tells them nothing, the second everything.

This topic is covered in greater detail in the Buzzality article The Importance of Backlinks. Highly recommended for making Google-friendly links.

Adding the Links Sidebar to Your Template

Once you’ve added a bunch of links, now you need to add them to your layout.

Go to Appearance > Widgets and drag the Links heading (on Available Widgets on the left side) to one of your Widget Areas on the right. That’s it!

Explore more details in Managing Widgets tutorial.