In this WordPress tutorial video we’ll cover making links inside your site, between pages and posts. Using WordPress has never been easier! (Note, this tutorial was produced before the recent 3.1 series upgrade, so the interface is different. Some of the concepts are still the same, but if you’ve upgraded the new linking system is visually different.)

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Making Anchor Links

Thanks to fellow Sparker and video editor Charlie Kirby for this tip. If you’d like to add Anchor Links to your page (which allows users to click links that jump to specific sections of a page) then follow these steps.

  1. First enter your cursor where you want the link to jump to and then click this icon in your editor:
  2. Enter the anchor name. Keep it simple so you can remember it later on.
  3. If the anchor is on the same page, then select your link text, click the link button in the editor and enter #anchorname where you’d normally put a URL or page name. If you’re linking to an anchor on another page, enter the URL plus the anchor, such as:  OR


All done!

P.S. If you don’t see the Anchor Icon you may need to tweak your editor settings.