This setting is default for all Site Sparker clients but has been included for everyone seeking to make nice looking links on their site — a necessity for search engine friendly URLs!

Navigate to Settings > Permalinks.

For WP version prior to 3.8, click Custom Structure and add the following code:


For WP 3.8 and above, you can simply click Post name.

You can also change the default Category base to something other than “category” — best practice if you want good looking URLs. It’s easy to change these settings later if you want, so don’t sweat it.

Another Handy Tip About Permalinks

When you’re editing a page or a post, you’ll notice that the Permalink appears right below where you entered the title of the article. For SEO (search engine optimization purposes) you may want the link to be slightly different than the title.

For example, the article you’re reading is titled “Permalinks – Making SEO Links” but that would be too long for our URL. If you look up in your browser window you’ll see that the link reads:


We changed this simply by clicking the Edit button (found below the page title in your text editor) and then clicking OK. This is VERY IMPORTANT if you want the best keyword-friendly URLs. (See our sister-site Buzzality for more free SEO tips.)