This WordPress training session covers various publishing options to make editing and scheduling content a breeze.

Start off by creating a new page. Click Pages > Add New from the left side navigation menu. Once you’re in a new page, look on the right side for the Publish section.

The two first options are pretty obvious – Save Draft (to save your document without publishing) and Preview. But there are three links below that have some powerful features.

The Status option is handy if you’re working with a team because you can set it to Draft or Pending Review. Make a change and click OK to save.

Visibility is for setting pages to Public, Password Protected or Private. Click OK to save after making changes.

Publish immediately: click this the option of scheduling your post to get published sometime in the future. A great feature if you have a special offer that goes live at 12AM on a particular date or you want to schedule publishing while you’re on vacation. (This is especially helpful if you have your Google Sitemap updating daily and want to have a series of articles go live over a period of time.)

Other Features Regarding Publishing

Page Attributes is for assigning your new page to be a sub-page or “child” page. Use this if you’re creating drop down menus. You can also choose to change the template to “one column, no sidebar” if you want to eliminate the sidebar on specific pages.

NOTE: If you’re editing a post, then the video below explains Categories and Tags a wee bit.

Scroll down the page and you’ll see Discussion options. Uncheck the comments button if you don’t want the Leave a Comment box to appear on your page. The pingbacks button is for tracking links to your page. Handy to see if people are linking to your site!

Farther down are the Author and Revisions settings. Change the Author if multiple people are contributing to the site. Revisions are for recovering earlier drafts of your page if your cat runs all over the keyword and clicks the Update button with it’s cute little paw. See? The WordPress people thought of everything!

That’s it for general publishing features. Now get back to writing!

Oh yeah, the WordPress Tutorial Video

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