If you’re one of our clients, you can skip this section. We have already set up scheduled backups for you, occurring weekly. If you are editing a great deal of content daily and want to change your Backup Schedule, you are welcome to follow the tips below.

For everyone else, we heartily recommend the WordPress Database Backup plugin to create scheduled backups of your database. Why would you want to do this? Database backup provides coverage for the following situations:

  • Your site gets hacked
  • Your web server goes down during critical updates
  • Errors from moving to another server
  • Accidental deletion

While all of these situations are extremely rare, peace of mind comes from knowing you have a backup. Once you have the plugin installed and activated, navigate to Tools > Backup.

Scrolling down to the middle, the Backup Options area is for doing an immediate backup, either downloading or emailing a Zipped file of your WP database.

We choose to do Scheduled Backups, having the file emailed to a specific address where the databases are stored indefinitely. Under “Tables to include” it’s a good idea to choose everything as these tables include all of your plugin and content settings.

Word of caution: This process does NOT backup your images or other media files that you upload to the server. It is just a database backup. It’s always advisable to either periodically backup your uploads (located in wp-content/uploads) or at least have backups of the files on your computer and ideally an external hard drive.

Again, this should not be a source of stress or fear because there are very rare occasions in which a backup is ever needed. Just play it safe since this setup procedure requires very little effort.