Anchor Link Text: the same as a backlink, but refers specifically to the words used in a link to your site

Backlinks: in addition to the Four Key Zones, the most essential part of building traffic – links back to your site

Domain Age: how long a site has been indexed by Google

Four Key Zones: the four most important sections on a page for placing your keywords (Title, Description, Headings, Body Copy)

Keywords: common phrases people search for (one to multiple-word phrases)

Keyword Research: analyzing search patterns and trends in Google

Longtail Keywords: usually three to even six word phrases that don’t get a lot of searches, but can often be hidden gold

On-Page SEO: on-page search engine optimization – refers to the process of placing your keywords in the Four Key Zones

Page Rank: Google’s ranking system that determines a website’s credibility

SEO: optimizing your site so it ranks higher (i.e. getting to the top of the list)

SEM: search engine marketing – designing content specifically to attract searches and sales