We chose not to go into too much detail about the Discussions Settings (where you control Commenting options for your site) as the Official Documentation already covers this in great detail.

However, we will mention a few issues related to Comments which are essential to running a healthy website.

First is spam prevention. We heartily recommend using the reCaptcha plugin to prevent spam comments getting added to your site (already installed for Site Sparker clients). You wouldn’t believe how many malicious program-bots are trolling through the internet look for blogs to post nonsense comments about pharmaceuticals and bogus loan programs. But reCaptcha stops that spam (spam, eggs and spam) dead in it’s tracks!

Secondly, you can turn off Comments on individual pages easily by scrolling down your page and post and clicking the checkbox under the Discussion tab. Handy if you want comments in some places and not others.

Finally, as to the question of whether or not to use Comments at all… 80% of the time, no one needs or uses them.

Comments are mainly good for news or blog sites where people like to share opinions, community-based sites and usually not much else. Additionally unless you’re getting a crazy amount of traffic, you’re not going to see people posting comments much, so why clutter up the page with a comments form? Well, that’s just our opinion anyway. We’ve turned off the comments function on this page, so sorry… you can’t voice your opinion on the matter. 😉