Navigate to Settings > Reading to make changes to your homepage display. This is where you set what appears on your homepage.

If you are adding content to your site every day (using categories and posts) then the best option is to leave this setting to “Your latest posts.”

Often clients that choose this option (having the homepage update regularly with excerpts from their latest posts) say there’s one drawback — they really want to have a permanent introduction to the site, usually a paragraph or two. No problem! All you have to do is write a post, then look for Visibility under the Publishing Settings. Click Edit, then check Sticky to have that post “stick” to the top of the homepage. Note that this only works with Posts, not Pages.

If you want a static homepage (that you can still edit but not change too often) then check “a static page” and choose one from the Front Page pull down menu. (Of course, you have to create the page first.)

For further information about some of the other Reading settings, we suggest you read the Official WordPress Documentation for these other, rarely used settings.