Navigate to Settings > Writing to follow this tutorial.

The main thing we always customize here is the size of the text editor box. At the very top you’ll see Size of the Post Box which is for the text editor where you write content. We’ve always thought 10 lines is too cramped, so try 15-20 for a bit more space to play with. (Note that you can always change the size of your text editor when editing a page simply by dragging and dropping the hash marks that appear in the lower right of the text box.)

We won’t bother with most of the other features in this Writings settings – you are free to explore these features in the Official WordPress Documentation if you wish.

One item that we will look at is publishing by email.

We’ve never used this feature, but it looks intriguing, so it’s worth mentioning. The concept is simple – set up a special email address that you don’t share with anyone else (it should be very obscure, like, then add your settings to this page and save.

There are a few other steps involved, so instead of repeating all of the same information, we’ll send you directly to the WordPress Guide for Publishing by Email. Good luck!