Content Editing

Creating Columns With Shortcodes

It used to be that organizing content on your page in nice columns and rows had to be done with tables. But thanks to the Column Shortcodes plugin, you can have well displayed content in WordPress.

Displaying a Google Map

Learn how to install and configure the WP Google Maps plugin to display your business location in a lovely Google map. Takes less than five minutes to install, find your address, adjust the map and add the shortcode!

Broken Link Checker

What happens when you need to restructure the content of your site and move a bunch of stuff around? There’s no way you can go page by page through every bit of content looking to fix all of your links.

Customizing the Text Editor

Tiny MCE Advanced is our favorite text editor enhancement tool as it’s easy to configure and makes editing your Wordpress content a breeze. Especially useful for quickly creating tables to organize content.

Adding Hover Tooltip Boxes

Setting up a responsive, mobile-friendly tooltip is easy with this plugin. This tutorial video will walk you through the process of installing and customizing the look and feel.

Making Breadcrumb Links

Breadcrumbs are those nice little links that you can find on this page right above the headline. Not only are they good for visitors, they make additional SEO links embedded in your site!

Making Links

Tutorial for making links inside your site, between pages and posts. (Note, this tutorial was produced before the recent 3.1 series upgrade, so the interface is different.)

Publishing Settings

This Wordpress training session covers various publishing options that makes editing and scheduling your content a snap.

Links Sidebar

The Links Sidebar is useful for creating a beautifully organized group of External Links on the left or right sidebar of your site. Learn how to set one up in this tutorial.