Video Galleries

YouTube Channel Gallery is our choice for the best video gallery plugin. In this tutorial we’ll cover the main steps to get it installed and displaying your videos from a YouTube user account or playlist.

Adding a Music Player

Adding single MP3 tracks to your site is super easy thanks to the wonders of HTML5 and the latest version of WordPress. This short tutorial will explain how to add MP3 players to your site in just minutes.

Building Image Galleries in WordPress

It’s never been easier to create an elegant photo gallery in WordPress. Honestly, it will probably take you longer to watch this tutorial video than it will to build your next gallery.

Adding Images

People new to web publishing often make a simple, major mistake — they add a huge image to a page and then shrink it down in their text editor. Learn how to avoid this and discover other image uploading and editing tips.

Animated Slideshow

This WordPress plugin tutorial shows how to configure an animated slideshow for your site using the Meta Slider plugin. Simple but useful! You can build a new slideshow in even less time than it takes to watch this tutorial.

Re-Cropping Thumbnail Images

Sometimes the thumbnail images that Wordpress generates can be somewhat irritating… heads get cut off or you just get the wrong part of the image. Learn how to edit your thumbnails in just a few easy steps.

Adding YouTube Videos

This Wordpress plugin tutorial covers using Viper’s Video Quicktags to add YouTube and other common video files to your Wordpress site.