Site Structure

Random Text Widget

This nifty little plugin allows you to set up a random content block on your site, changing up content with every page view. Useful for displaying different ads or other random content items.

Creating a “Link to Us” Page

This quick and dirty tutorial explains how to set up a “link to us” page, giving your fans and visitors an easy way of linking to your site, with your preferred code.

Creating a Site Map Page

If you would like to make a page that has a nice site map (where links to all of your content is automatically generated) then this tutorial will walk you through it.

Sticky Homepage

Learn how to set up a permanent message on the homepage with a series of news posts underneath. It’s a sticky post!

Creating a Menu in WordPress

Menus are easy to create in WP V3. As most of this process is better explained visually, we’ve prepared a Wordpress tutorial video detailing the process.

Customizing Your Blog Layout

This quick tutorial shows you how to remove the “continued reading” links inside your blog section so that WordPress displays the full blog post instead of content summaries.